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Lilacs & Greensleeves: Special People ~ Special Pets

Do you have a pet? Maybe a dog, a cat, a parakeet or maybe even a rabbit? Many people do and many have fond memories of growing up with a favorite pet. I know I do and I remember her with a smile and definitely a giggle or two!
She was my beautiful Irish Setter and we called her Brandy. I recall the day that I went with my parents to choose that special puppy from a litter of at least 8. I was told to pick the most active one and was given all kinds of instructions from friends and family on what I should look for in a dog.
I had it all memorized until I walked into the barn on this beautiful multi-acre estate in Bluebell, Pennsylvania. I looked at all those cute little puppies, seven weeks old and they were romping all over the place. 
All except for one.
There she was…this sweet little Irish Setter, walking around the others with such a calm demeanor. She looked over at me and then strolled over to the corner of the barn, laid down, crossed her paws, let out a big yawn as if she was bored with all of the actions of her brothers and sisters and down she went, resting her little head on her legs.
Pointing at her, I immediately said to my Mom and Dad, “She’s the one!!” “Are you sure,” they asked? Oh yes, I was sure. I could relate to this little ‘loner’ puppy!
And so we brought Brandy home and she became a member of our family for 15 memorable years!
The times that we spent together was a mixture of joy, laughter, of learning and yes, of tears as we one day had to say goodbye to this trusted friend.
She taught me so much and I wouldn’t trade those times for anything anyone has to offer in this world.
One of the biggest benefits that I have seen regarding pets is how our oldest and our youngest citizens relate to them and vice versa. It’s amazing to watch!! It’s heartwarming when a beloved pet comes to visit or to stay with the most vulnerable.
What a beautiful connection and one when made, will never be forgotten.
Some dear souls who are alone and have no hand to hold and no one to hug, find by just stroking the fur of their favorite pet brings a special feeling between them. A delightful joy, a wonderful calm, an incredible peace and an amazing move in the healing process, according to some.
To our seniors and those special little ones for whom we at Care4You are helping….to the families, friends and neighbors who surround those we care for with love and concern and in honor of all those wonderful pets who embrace the hearts of our elderly and the children we serve, I share with you below, two very touching moments in time.
Yes, our pets are truly a gift! And what they give to each one of us can never really be measured, as this dear senior relates in a news interview after a tornado destroyed homes in her area and she is then faced with the possibility that her beloved pet is gone…
 And this next one?
Oh what a lovely message about the patience of a dog with this beautiful little child
I believe that pets definitely make a difference in the lives of all of us and especially in the lives of our elderly and our children.
So ‘BIG HUGS’ to all of our pets who help to fill our days on this earth with such wonderful blessings and help to make those moments in time seem so much easier to bear!

Written by

Deb is our own Deborah McSherry, experienced nurse and caregiver extraordinaire. Deb has been with Care4You since 2009.