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Lilacs & Greensleeves: Right around the Corner


Here we are halfway through February and I can remember, as if it were yesterday, the years when I was a caregiver for my parents. It was a time of true dedication in the hopes of doing all that I could to help them during that time.
I, like so many of you who have been or are caregivers now, move forward each day with a heart to serve in caring for loved ones in need. We don’t think about how we will be tested in our abilities and our endurance. We just do what we have to do because this time in our lives is about them, these very dear people who at the moment are in need of our help!
How many of us have been looking for assistance from wonderful caregiving companies out there? Companies who are just as dedicated in helping our seniors as we are as family members and friends. I must confess that at the time of my life when I was caring for my parents, I didn’t even think about who was available to help me.
I was so focused on what I was doing that I didn’t see who was so close by, ready to help my parents and in turn be there for me, also!
Like the picture below that is done with a slight sense of humor, it does make a point that sometimes what we are searching for is just there waiting for us to look in the right direction.
I will never, ever regret being there for my parents, yet knowing what I know today, I would not hesitate to make that call and ask for assistance that would have benefited both my parents and myself.
Meeting Donna Hoover, learning how professional and caring she is and the fine example she sets for not only her staff and caregivers but also for the community, I would have had no difficulty in choosing Care4You to help me with my parents.
The offer of excellent services are there, both ‘Standard’ and ‘Specialized’  and that can be found on their website:
The comments I have personally heard from both clients and families have been really positive, as people seem to be very happy with the professional and caring manner of everyone at Care4You.
The confidence and trust is a major plus for this dedicated company!
Care4You is now officially recognized as and approved by top elder expert and advocate Susan B. Geffen as a company you can trust and has received her special seal of approval, ‘Susan’s Picks,’  which you will also find on our website.
Yes, I do look back and honestly wish I would have looked into well run home care services in our community. That would have been time well spent and definitely worth every step of the way for my parents and for myself!
So please don’t hesitate to see who’s out there as ‘recommended’ caregiving companies in your area. Companies who are willing and very capable in helping you care for your loved ones.

Who knows…they may be closer than you think.

They may be right around the corner!

Written by

Deb is our own Deborah McSherry, experienced nurse and caregiver extraordinaire. Deb has been with Care4You since 2009.