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FAQs About Homecare and Caregivers

The following are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Care4You and homecare. If you don’t find your question here, please call us at (855) 599-4888 or click here to email us.

For general questions about senior health and information for families caring for loved ones, please see our Articles and Family Learning Center pages.

What is homecare?
What are the benefits of homecare?
What are my options and their associated costs?
How do I hire a homecare service?
How do I know if homecare is right for me or my loved one?
I’m uncomfortable having a stranger come into my mother’s home. How do I know that she will be safe?
How much does homecare cost?
Are there any minimum or maximum limitations?
Are homecare services covered by insurance or Medicare?
I’m concerned about having to withhold income and Social Security taxes and paying for liability and Workers’ Compensation Insurance.
Are caregivers supervised?
Is someone available if there is an emergency?
What will happen if my loved one does not particularly care for the caregiver? How easily is the caregiver replaced?
What if my caregiver is sick or on vacation?
Do you provide services to those in nursing homes or assisted living facilities?