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Category : Veteran of the Month

Lilacs & Greensleeves: John Dolan, Veteran of the Month


Care4You is very proud to have John E. Dolan as our Veteran of the Month! Mr. Dolan, we reach out to you with deep appreciation for your dedicated service to our country. Thank you, Sir!

Come with us and take a look at John Dolan’s history in the United States of America’s Armed Forces as he views photographs from his book of memories from World War II…

“John Edward Dolan served in the U.S. Army under General Mark Clark when he was 18 years old from June 1945 until January 1947 he served in Pisa, Italy; he served on the Fifth Army. The Fifth Army describes all the men that were stationed in Italy. He served as a military policeman and dealt with riots and he was responsible for bringing “deserters” back to their duty. Deserters were people who left the Army to make a life in Italy. Mr. Dolan also dealt with German prisoners of war. His unit received a unit citation which recognized the entire outfit and they received a merit for their duty. In honoring our Veterans,


When he completed his two years of duty, he went to Drexel College for civil engineering. When he was 25 years old, he married Gina Dolan. They met at a dance hall and knew each other for two years before they were married. He said, “[He’s] been married for 64 years to the greatest woman to ever walk this earth.” John and Gina Dolan now reside in Pasadena, California.”


Lilacs & Greensleeves: Robert Ward; Veteran of the Month


I don’t believe that many of us can imagine what our men and women go through during their tours of duty, far, far from home.To sit at the feet of a soldier who cares to share their stories is a blessing for both our veterans and for those of us who listen to learn, who listen to understand.

How thankful we are for all of our veterans who served/serve with honor!

Care4You is proud to have such a soldier of honor…Robert Ward, as our Veteran of the Month!

His story goes beyond the words written below, as each experience…each step he took had it’s own depth of difficulty, it’s own depth of pain and those moments of quiet and humble solitude.