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Category : Professional Spotlight

Lilacs & Greensleeves: PS; Linda Loera, Community Outreach Specialist

Care4You is honored to feature Linda Loera as our Professional Spotlight. Thank you Linda for everything that you do in our community to help all of us have a better understanding about Alzheimer’s! We really appreciate you!

Linda Loera is a Community Outreach Specialist with the Alzheimer’s Association, CA – Southland Chapter. Her responsibilities include educating the community about Alzheimer’s disease, participating in community events to bring awareness to the disease, and supporting families and caregivers through care consultations, support groups and providing information and resources. Before joining the Alzheimer’s Association, Linda worked for the HICAP program for 11 years, counseling and advocating on behalf of Medicare beneficiaries and creating relationships with community organizations. She is bilingual in Spanish and English, earned a B.A. and M.A. in Latin American Studies as well as an M.A. in Urban Planning from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Visit the Alzheimer’s LA website here>


Lilacs & Greensleeves: PS; Mary Winners BSBA, Certified Gerontologist

Care4You is honored to feature Mary Winners BSBA, Certified Gerontologist as our Professional Spotlight! Thank you Mary, for all that you do in your exceptional service to those in need. Well done!

Mary Winners, Founder.

Mary has over a decade of experience in the business development aspect of healthcare. While physicians and nurses provide medical recommendations, Mary understands the other side of health care-the confusing maze of health care options and unknowns. She has extensive knowledge in acute care hospitalization, Gero-psychiatric issues, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, hospice, assisted living and other senior care options. A noted speaker and adviser, Mary has provided expert services to a wide variety of seniors in every economic category. Her ability to accurately pinpoint and guide families as they deal with emotional life changing events gives Mary an insight that has no parallel.

See About Senior Solutions website here>


Lilacs & Greensleeves: PS; Pamela Wright, BSW, MSW, LCSW

Care4You is very honored to feature Pamela Wright as our Professional Spotlight. Pamela, we appreciate all that you do in your assistance and education services as a VITAS Community Liaison! You a a gift that through your dedication, keeps on giving. Thank you so much!

Pamela Wright, BSW, MSW, LCSW
Senior Community Liaison
VITAS Healthcare

Pamela Wright is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Senior Community Liaison with VITAS Healthcare. In addition to one-on-one conversations about goals of care with the high risk patient population, Pam is responsible for end-of-life care education, development and outreach to underserved communities, and is a local and national guest lecturer for Conferences, Universities, Health Plans, ACOs, and the general community. She speaks often about best practices in Hospice and Palliative care, Advanced Directives, POLST, and psychosocial management of pain and suffering in end of life care.

Since 1995, Pam has worked for VITAS in clinical social work, later in community development, and has served as a member of the VITAS  West Coast Bioethics Committee. She has worked as a Clinical Social Worker for Charter for Charter Behavior Health and as a Social Worker Intern/Discharge planner for Huntington Hospital.

Pam is active in many professional organizations in the health and aging arena. She is a member of the California Coalition for Compassionate Care, San Gabriel Valley Certified Nursing Awards Executive Committee, the City of Pasadena’s annual Conference on Aging, and the San Gabriel Valley End of Life Care Coalition. She received a Senior Service Award from the Pasadena Senior Center and a Congressional Award from Representative Adam Schiff in August 2006 for outstanding contributions to the community.

Pam received her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Loma Linda University in Riverside and her Master’s degree in Social Work from UCLA. She rounded out the clinical expertise from her Master’s degree by receiving her License in Clinical Social Work (LCSW) from California’s Board of Behavioral Sciences in 2005.

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Lilacs & Greensleeves: PS; Jackie Lacey, D.A. Los Angeles CA.

Care4You is quite honored to feature District Attorney Jackie Lacey as our Professional Spotlight! Thank you D.A. Lacey for everything that you do to serve our community well! We appreciate you!

D.A. Jackie Lacey

District Attorney Jackie Lacey has spent most of her professional life as a prosecutor, manager and executive in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. On Dec. 3, 2012, she was sworn in as the 42nd District Attorney. She was re-elected four years later without opposition.

Her top priority is keeping the streets of Los Angeles County safe from violent and dangerous criminals. She is committed to safeguarding our children from human sex traffickers, our seniors from financial elder abuse and our communities from environmental crimes that threaten our health and our livelihood.

District Attorney Lacey has worked with business leaders on how best to protect consumers from computer network intrusions that jeopardize our bank accounts and credit ratings. She also remains committed to prosecuting government officials who violate the public’s trust.

A Los Angeles native and graduate of the University of Southern California Law School, District Attorney Lacey leads the largest local prosecutorial office in the nation, with a workforce of approximately 1,000 lawyers, 300 investigators and 800 support staff employees.

She is the first woman and first African-American to serve as Los Angeles County District Attorney since the office was established in 1850.

Read D.A. Lacey’s Full Bio here>

Elder abuse is a rapidly growing criminal problem. As the baby boom generation grays and life expectancy increases, incidents of physical, emotional and financial abuse against elders are expected to grow unless steps are taken. Detection of abuse, neglect and fraud is critical. One of District Attorney Jackie Lacey’s top priorities is safeguarding seniors from financial crimes. Her mother was the victim of a telephone scam.

She initiated a public education campaign in partnership with the Rotary Club of Los Angeles, in which the District Attorney’s Office trains and equips Rotary Club volunteers to educate seniors on how to protect themselves against fraud.

As part of the campaign, the District Attorney and her mother made public service announcements warning elders about the dangers of financial scams. The office also produces twice monthly Fraud Alerts to warn the public about new and ongoing scams in Los Angeles County. You may view them here. The office also created a new pamphlet, Safeguarding Your Future, filled with tips to help seniors avoid being defrauded.

For these efforts, the District Attorney’s Elder Abuse Financial Abuse Outreach campaign was presented in October 2014 with the Los Angeles County Quality and Productivity Commission’s Top Ten Award and Plain Language Award.

Excellent…well done, D.A. Lacey!

Lilacs & Greensleeves: PS; Donna Castrejon, Community Service Specialist

Care4You is so honored to feature Donna Castrejon, Community Service Specialist, Senior Events & Funds Development at Central Park in Rancho Cucamonga as our Professional Spotlight. Thank you so much Donna, for everything that you do on behalf of those whom you serve day to day in your community. Well done!

Donna Castrejon

Donna C has been an integral part of the Senior Center team for over 13 years. Her passion and commitment have made a valuable contribution to the Center’s success in making memories for the seniors who call the Center their 2nd home. Over the past 13 years, she has been a part of the growth and development of the Center’s broad offering of services, events and activities. As the Community Services Specialist, she is constantly challenged with finding new and exciting programs to bring into the Center. To Donna, it’s all about the smiles on the faces of the 500 plus seniors coming through the doors each morning eagerly anticipating another great day spent with friends and the wonderful Center staff.

As Donna recently told Sausha Sherbin, our community liaison during a recent visit to the Center, “I love this place – It’s not a job, it’s a dream come true. I can’t imagine being anywhere else. Unless I’m spending time with my grandson.”

Contact Donna through her email address or phone:

[email protected]s

(909) 477-2780 ext 3807

Lilacs & Greensleeves: PS; Dr. Norman T Chien, MD, CMD

Care4You is honored to feature Dr. Norman Chien, MD, CMD in our Professional Spotlight. His dedication to his patients in providing quality care is very well respected. Thank you so much Dr Chien, for your devotion to serve everyone who comes to you in need of your assistance!

Dr. Norman T. Chien, MD, CMD

Dr Chien is committed to each and every one of his members.

An Internist who specializes in geriatric medicine, Dr. Chien is a compassionate clinician in the Pasadena area ever since he finished his fellowship training in St. Louis University Hospital. He serves as part of the faculty staff at Huntington Memorial Hospital, where he received the Zeilstra Physician-Patient Communication Award in 2004. His extended experience in taking care of patients from hospital to long-term care facility has deepened his belief in a holistic approach to wellness.

He finds outdoor activities like hiking, camping and skiing, invigorating and inspiring!

See Dr. Chien’s Signature MD website here>


Lilacs & Greensleeves: P.S. Steve Sciurba Director of Community Outreach

Steve Sciurba: Director of Community Outreach, The Kensington Sierra Madre

Care4You is so honored to have Steve Scurbia as our Professional in the Spotlight! Steve desires to build rapport and relationships effortlessly and he cares deeply about making the lives of seniors as pleasurable as possible. And because he believes the caliber of The Kensington is unmatched, Steve feels compelled to cultivate awareness in the community and he seeks to put their exceptional resources within easy reach of whoever needs them. In doing so, he affects many lives in the most wonderful ways!

With over 35 years of business development experience, Steve has worked in the following areas: Operations, Marketing, Sales Management, Recruitment and Sales Training. For the past 10 years Steve has been in the elder care industry, working for a SNF, a CCRC and currently at The Kensington, a RCFE. Personally, Steve lives in Glendora and has been married for 40 years and has 4 daughters and 3 grandchildren.

Thank you Steve, for all that you do for so many!

See The Kensington Sierra Madre website here>


Lilacs & Greensleeves: P.S. Lori Michiel NASM-CPT

Care4You is so honored to have Lori Michiel NASM-CPT as our Professional in the Spotlight. Lori’s exceptional heart is filled with a passion that shows very well throughout her career as a trainer, teacher and advocate for fitness! Thank you Lori! We certainly appreciate you for all that you do for the wellness and the joy that you bring to those who seek your services. Well done!

About Lori Michiel:

Lori Michiel, founder of Lori Michiel Fitness™, is a well-known, published professional specializing in senior fitness. Lori provides private consultations and creates personalized fitness programs for those with chronic conditions such as Parkinson’s, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis and other ailments to enhance safety and quality of life for seniors.

Lori is trained by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the gold standard in the fitness industry, and is certified by the Arthritis Foundation and SilverSneakers®. An active member of the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) and IDEA Fitness Association, Lori has over 40 years of training experience. Clients seek out Lori’s services when experiencing recovery from joint replacement surgery, when they are challenged by post-rehabilitation recovery, ill health or are simply committed to aging gracefully. Her keen sense of humor and sensitive approach make her a highly sought-after trainer and coach.

 For more information about Lori and Lori Michiel Fitness, visit her website here>


Lilacs & Greensleeves: P.S. Joseph L Jones III

Care4You is very proud to have Joseph (Jay) Jones as our Professional in the Spotlight! Thank you Jay for all that you do within the San Dimas Senior Center and in the community at large!

About Jay

His name is Joseph L Jones III although most people know him by Jay. Reason being when you’re the 3rd most names (Joseph, Joe, etc) are already taken. He was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Maryland. He was active in his community playing various sports and as an active participant in the Boy Scouts. In 1990, he earned the rank of Eagle Scout which to this day has granted him life skills he uses everyday. He attended Hampton University in Virginia where he received a BA in psychology. He moved to Northern California in 1994 where he attended graduate school at john F. Kennedy University in 2001 He received his MA in Sports Psychology. While attending graduate school, he worked as a Swim Club manager and as manager of fitness club that catered to older adults, his clientele’s average age was around 85yrs. His clients ranged from people just wanting to stay fit to people with Parkinson’s, hip/knee/shoulder replacement and brain stem injury. It was here where he developed his love for working with seniors.

He moved to southern California in 2005 and eventually began working for the City of Moreno Valley. He started out as the Senor Recreation Leader in sports and was quickly given the opportunity to be the coordinator of the senior center. He held that position for 10 years. He remembers when he started the job, they didn’t have many visitors daily, maybe 65 per day. Most seniors were dropped by their children and they would sit and wait for 8hrs until they were picked up and they would repeat this for 5 days straight. This was sad to witness so he told his staff that they had to change the environment. His motto was never say no to any idea or suggestion for any program a senior wanted. So with that, some things failed but most things flourished. He figured out real quick that seniors should make their own decisions regarding the programming and activities they wanted. How could he possibly decide what was good or not good for them based on his perception? When he left Moreno Valley, the senior center was averaging 125 people daily and they were at 97% capacity for room use.

He began his job in San Dimas as Recreation Supervisor in July 2016. His responsibilities are supervising the Recreation Department and two facilities, the San Dimas Senior Citizen Community Center and the San Dimas Recreation Center.

He has begun to infuse his thought process with the senior community there in San Dimas and so far he is very excited about the positive feedback. He looks forward to growing his partnerships within our community and providing great programming and opportunities for our senior community.

See the San Dimas Senior Citizen Community Center here>


Lilacs & Greensleeves: Professional Spotlight; Ferdinand Villegas

Care4You is honored to have Ferdinand Villagas as our Professional in the Spotlight. Thank you Ferdie, for everything you do for the communities in which you serve! Well done!

Ferdinand Villegas

Ferdie Villegas is the territory manager with Philips Lifeline which a division of Philips Electronics that offers consumer and healthcare technology across the globe. Over the last 12 years he has worked with Philips Lifeline in providing peace of mind and reassurance to older adults helping them to live independently in their own homes. He spends most of his time on the road as his work takes him across the state of California and Hawaii working with major hospital systems throughout the coast introducing the latest technological innovation in home health care solutions.

Previously he also worked as the business development manager for Country Villa Health Services one of the largest skilled nursing and rehabilitation company in California.

Prior to his work with Lifeline, he spent sixteen years as the product manager with the American Red Cross developing safety and survival products for the general public. He also served as the health and safety administrator for the local Red Cross in City of Long Beach teaching people life saving techniques such as First Aid and CPR/AED. It was through the Red Cross that he became involve with Lifeline as the program manager providing the service through different channels within the organization.

He is also certified as a defensive driver training instructor through the National Safety Council teaching people how operate a vehicle safely and effectively.

He received his bachelor’s degree at the California Polytechnic University in Pomona.
In his spare time, he enjoys running, cycling and plays competitive USTA league tennis on weekends.

[email protected]

Philips Lifeline website>