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Category : Connecting with our Seniors

Lilacs & Greensleeves: Shadowing the steps of our Elderly


Shadowing the steps of our Elderly

It was a beautiful spring evening and enjoying one of our many outings with some good friends, an elderly gentleman in his 90’s came over to our table to chat. We’ve known him for more than a year now. He pulled up a chair and with a smile on his face, a smile even brighter than he normally has with each time we see him, began to speak of a moment in his world that had really touched his heart.

He was out and about doing several errands that day. He exited a building that had several steps to descend to get to his car and as he tried to maneuver those steps along with using his cane for support, he noticed a young woman, (I giggled when he called her a “youngster”) coming alongside of him, gently taking his arm and offering him her help as he walked down those several steps.

He looked at me and exclaimed with an even brighter smile, “Can you imagine that? This youngster was so willing to make sure that I got down those steps safely!! How about that!!” He was beaming!

I got so caught up in his response to her willingness to gently assist him, that as someone who works with the elderly in a wonderful company such as Care4You, I couldn’t help but feel so joyful, so thankful and so incredibly grateful to this young woman who showed such compassion to help a gentleman of ‘golden years,’ safely walk down those steps. I breathed a deep sigh along with my smile, thinking how wonderful it is to know that this dear young person, generations apart, reached out to help our friend and in doing so, she connected to his world and made quite an impression.

An impression? Yes indeed! An impression of hope. Of knowing that he isn’t alone and that there are truly those who care, especially among our youth. Can I tell you how touched he was with this kind act? Can I tell you how touched I was, as well? I don’t know her but I like her in what she did in reaching out to shadow one of our wonderful seniors.

In a world where our elderly can often feel so alone, feel like no one cares at times and on occasion feels so afraid of falling when they are up and about, this one act of tender benevolence will always be remembered.