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Monthly Archives : March 2017

Lilacs & Greensleeves: March is Fall Prevention

  • Posted On March 14, 2017
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From Fall Prevention Center of Excellence:
“Successful fall prevention involves the three main strategies of: balance training and physical activity; medical management; and, environmental/home modifications. Whether you are a service provider, an interested individual, a caregiver, or an educator/researcher, remember that a combination of all three interventions

Lilacs & Greensleeves: Care4You and Philips Lifeline

Care4You and Philips Lifeline

Care4You Wants To Help You Keep Your Loved Ones Safe At Home!

Isn’t it good to know that your loved ones can have peace of mind having quality home care from Care4You’s team of dedicated caregivers?

And now when a client schedules new services, 20 hours or more, Lifeline

Lilacs & Greensleeves: Philips Lifeline

Care4You is proud to have Philips Lifeline as our Community Partner. Thank you for everything you do in service to our community!

From Philips Lifeline:

America’s #1 Medical Alert Service Since 1974
“As part of Philips Healthcare, the commitment to innovative, quality care is in everything we do here at Lifeline. Whether it’s