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Lilacs & Greensleeves: Respect

Isn’t it something that we all want from one another? Isn’t it something that most of us strive to do towards those around us? I know I do and yet I also know that while most of us never ever want to disrespect anyone or anything in this world, none of us have walked this road perfectly.
But we are hopefully growing. Growing every moment, not only because we want to but because if we pay attention, we can see the frustrations and even the sadness that comes when one feels disrespected and our hearts tell us that we need to find another way of communicating.
Our work here at Care4You is a joy to do. We get to walk alongside our clients as they allow us into their private lives in an effort to help them continue living theirs in the best way possible. And we all know that respect has to be there in our efforts to relate together.
Consider this…Through the years, Dad has always been the one to fix everything around the home. Things inside the house, outside the house and even the cars. He is well verse and quite the expert and he is truly dependable.
But that time may come when he is no longer able to handle those ‘fixes’ alone and he finds himself needing to call on the expertise of another. Sometimes a professional, sometimes a family member, a neighbor or a good friend.
He knows how something should be done and done right. Yet what worked in the days gone by and maybe even with years of experience in a trade once had, sometimes there are changes in how those things are done now.
New discoveries are sometimes made where the fix may be better than what was done in the past. Progress can be good!
So then, how do we help our loved ones recognize that sometimes changes in the fix may be done in a way that’s new? How do we do that respectfully?
Unfortunately there is also a way to fix something and it’s done by cutting corners and then the quality becomes lax and Dad is not a happy camper.
He explains his concerns to the professional but is met with a less than respectful comment, “Well that’s not how we do it today….period!”
Well maybe true but the response of the professional leaves Dad with a feeling his concerns are not being validated nor respected.That’s not good nor is it a way to bring understanding.
So how do we help those who are professionals, realize that their clients need to be respected, that they need to be listened to? 
And what if shortcuts that are taken by a professional produce shoddy and unsafe results, then this is definitely unacceptable and  the need for the quality takes precedence and an understanding between the two parties has to be reached.
It takes patience. It takes talking things out together and hopefully an understanding can be reached along with a plan of action that will be fully acceptable to the client. 
With Care4You, we recognize this as we respect what our clients desire. It takes a bond between the caregiver and the care receiver, a trust if you will, that once established is priceless.
This can be done in any situation presented that involves two parties.
Both can speak freely and know that the other is listening and validating feelings expressed and the two can move forward and get what needs done, done to the satisfaction of both and especially the client.
This is something that can be found with Care4You and our clients and it’s a very good place to be for both of us as one of our desires is to help those entrusted to our care, receive one of the most treasured gifts we can give them….

Written by

Deb is our own Deborah McSherry, experienced nurse and caregiver extraordinaire. Deb has been with Care4You since 2009.