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Lilacs & Greensleeves: Blood Type

  • Posted On January 9, 2015
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DEAR DR. GOTT: “I have been reading your column for a very long time and have never read any information about how to find out what a person’s blood type is. I have asked my family physician’s office and my oncologist’s office but they will not tell me what my blood type is. How do I find this information if my own doctors won’t tell me?

DEAR READER: Your doctors’ offices have no right to withhold information regarding your health or your medical record from you. You can read more about this online at the US Department of Health and Human Services website, If you have had the test to determine your blood type, I suggest you return to your physician and/or oncologist and demand that you see the results. If you haven’t had the test, request that it be done.Keep in mind that unless there is a medical necessity, such as a transfusion being needed, the test may not be covered by insurance so you may have to pay out of pocket.

There are several DIY or home blood testing kits available online today, but I cannot attest to their accuracy. In my opinion, your best bet is to get your blood tested at your local hospital or health clinic under a physician’s order.

Also, if you are in good health (, you can donate blood. Before donation your blood will be tested for type, cholesterol level, sexually transmitted diseases, and more. In this way, you will know your type and can potentially help save a life at the same time.”

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UPDATE November 2017: Dr. Peter Gott, formerly a renowned physician is now deceased. His website is no longer available.